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Monday, 2 March 2009

New Reading Lists

An update on new resources available onsite:

James Harris has added timelines, further reading and synopses to his podcasts on Stalin's Economic Transformation of the USSR & Stalin's Rise to Power.

Similarly, Alastair Kocho-Williams has added further reading an information to his podcast pages: Russia, Germany & the Alliance System, 1872-1914 & Stalin's Foreign Policy, 1917-1924.

Natalie Mears (University of Durham) has provided an extensive reading list focused upon the Tudors.

Kate Ferris (University of Durham) has put together some introductory reading for the study of Modern Italy and, specifically, Mussolini.

Gaby Treglia (University of Durham) has provided a reading list to aid the study of Native American History.

Additionally, we continue to add online resources and web links to our resources page (which is now searchable, along with the podcasts).

Please don't forget to submit a resource if you think that it could help and/or interest someone else.

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