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Friday, 29 January 2010

The 1905 Russian Revolution: Causes, Course, Consequences

Ian Thatcher, Brunel University.

In 1905 Russia became famous as a centre of Revolution. The eyes of Europe were focused upon modern forms of discontent, especially the mass strike, in an old political order. This talk covers the beginnings, development and end of this remarkable period in late imperial Russia history. Was this an opportunity for Tsarism to reform itself, or was 1905 simply a foretaste of what was to come in 1917?

For further reading the best single volume account is by Abraham Ascher, The Revolution of 1905: A Short History (2004)
A good collection of recent scholarship can be found in J. Smele & A. Heywood (eds), The Russian Revolution of 1905: Centenary Perspectives (2005) 

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